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Privacy Policy

Customers’ personal data will be used and processed by Mola Solta Lda., under the terms and conditions provided for the purpose of informing you in detail about how we treat your personal data and protect your privacy.

Mola Solta Lda., is a limited liability company with head office at Rua do Alviela Lote 3, São Pedro, 2380-184 Alcanena, Santarém with corporate identification number 515 090 999 with share capital of €17,000.00 and registered at the Commercial Registry of Santarém.

Mola Solta Ltd. henceforth Mola Solta, respects your privacy and we appreciate the trust placed in us.


The data controller for this website is Mola Solta. And this determines the purposes and means by which personal data are processed.

Mola Solta can be contacted at the following address: Rua do Alviela Lote 3 – São Pedro 2380-184 Alcanena or through alternative channels, telephone contact 965 300 750 (call to national mobile network) or email address:


We keep your data for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected, comply with the legal obligations imposed on us and meet possible liabilities that may have arisen from fulfilling the purpose for which it was collected.

– Manage your registration as a user on the Site: The data will be processed during the time you maintain the condition of registered user, until you cancel your registration;

– Management of the relationship with the customer, ensuring services, invoicing and developing, fulfilling and executing the purchase and sale and/or services contract:

Your data will be processed for the time necessary to manage the purchase of the products or services you have purchased, including possible returns, complaints or complaints, establishing a period of 3 years for this purpose;

– Client support:

The data collected for this purpose will be processed for the period necessary to resolve your request;

– Marketing:

Your data will be processed until you cancel your subscription or exercise your right to be forgotten/erased. If you do not carry out any of these actions, your data will be kept for this purpose for a period of 10 years.


The need to process your personal data varies depending on the purpose and may be the following:

– Identification data;

– Economic and transactional information;

– Commercial information;

– Data about your tastes and preferences


When asked to fill in some personal data to access certain features or services on the Site, there are mandatory fields that, if not granted, make it impossible to enjoy those features.

Data processing is done to the extent strictly necessary to resolve or manage your claim. Indeed, the purpose includes the processing of your data mainly for:

Determine your preferences, the products and services most suited to your tastes to filter the information and consequently send information about the products and services by text message or email when consented by the user and / or customer.

Carry out promotional actions and allow participation


The processing of data is a necessary condition to comply with the purchase and sale contracts and the provision of services entered into between Mola Solta and the user/customer. The legal basis for processing data is intrinsically linked to the legitimate interest in reviewing and improving our customer contact. However, the processing of data will depend on the purpose for which we process it:


In order to make a contact request through our Site, we must process your personal data, under penalty of not being able to satisfy your registration and, consequently, your requests. If you use our Site through access to a social network, we are entitled to process your data through the consent granted at the time of transfer of data on the social network or website.


  • Customer relationship management, ensuring services, invoicing and developing, fulfilling and executing the purchase and sale and/or services contract;

The delivery of data for this purpose is mandatory, and in the event of refusal to grant it, it is not possible to provide and/or manage the service to the customer.

The processing of data is a necessary condition for the conclusion of the purchase and sale or service provision contract and the basis for processing it is your own consent. Certain data processing will only be carried out with the purchase process when requested or authorized, as is the case with the storage of payment data with a view to obtaining financing.

When data is granted, its processing will serve to manage requests made by users/customers – process their orders online, including sending emails and/or text messages to inform you about the status of orders and shipments, processing returns , contact customers in case of any problems.

The processing of data for these purposes is extremely important for all those involved at the time of purchase and payment, but above all for you, as it allows us to take measures that seek to protect customers from possible fraud attempts carried out by third parties.


  • Client support

Within the scope of the contacts established between Mola Solta and its users and/or customers through requests for information, suggestions and complaints in which our objective is to respond to the pretensions presented as well as to resolve any eventualities, we understand the processing of data carried out in this context there is a legitimate interest in processing the data provided, which is necessary not only for the fulfillment of any pre-contractual, contractual and legal obligations.


  • Marketing

Mola Solta may process your data to send you information about its products and services. This type of data processing will only be carried out with your consent through the website and our social networks.

The legitimacy basis for processing your data for marketing purposes is the consent that the user and/or customer freely grants us.

Consent to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes can be revoked at any time.

Your data will be kept for this purpose for 3 years of inactivity.


  • satisfaction survey

In order to improve the quality of its services, Mola Solta customers will be contacted via email or phone call to respond to a quality and satisfaction survey.

The unlawful basis for establishing this contact with the customer with a view to their participation in the survey rests on Mola Solta’s legitimate interests in improving the quality of its services.

The surveys are anonymous and directed at Mola Solta customers who have purchased items and/or services that are used and analyzed for statistical purposes, with no need for the collection of the customer’s personal data.


Your data may be communicated to public entities and/or judicial authorities if so required by law or to prevent or punish the commission of crimes.

In order to comply with the designated purposes, it is necessary to share your personal data with some entities that, although they may not be part of Mola Solta, belong to the European Economic Area and provide support to the services we offer, such as:

  • Financial entities through which the articulation and management of payments and installments are carried out – banks and entities with which it has been agreed to finance the payment of the good or service provided;
  • Technological service providers;
  • Providers and employees of logistics, transport and delivery services;
  • Provider of services relating to customer support;
  • Partners and service providers related to marketing and advertising.


We undertake to respect the confidentiality of your personal data and guarantee the exercise of your rights. At any time, you are entitled to, via email :

  • Requesting access to the information we hold about you;
  • The rectification of the information if it is incorrect or incomplete;
  • The limitation of the processing of your data or erasure;
  • If the treatment depends on your consent or agreement and this is done by automated means, you have the right to send the personal data previously provided, in a structured way, in current use and informatively readable.
  • Opposition to the processing of your personal data, at any time, for reasons related to your particular situation;
  • Opposition to the processing of your data, at any time and without justification, for direct marketing purposes, although this right does not compromise the treatment carried out based on the previously granted consent.
  • To submit a complaint/complaint to the data protection supervisory authority:

National Data Protection Commission

Avenida D. Carlos I, 134, 1st, 1200-651 Lisbon


Telephone: +351 213 928 400 (call to national fixed network)



To guarantee the security of personal data as well as its treatment, Mola Solta has implemented, developed and maintained security measures, policies and techniques that seek to protect the information provided by users and / or customers.

In this sense and in effect, confidentiality agreements are executed with our employees and suppliers, restriction policies and access control to personal data, destruction and anonymization of personal data necessary for the purposes that determine its collection.

However, as information security is also dependent on the security of the computer itself or electronic and technological means, as well as the protection employed in these same devices when using them to contact us, we ask that you take the necessary measures and precautions. and adequate to protect your information.


Changes to the privacy policy

It is possible, when we deem it appropriate, to make changes to the information contained in this Privacy Policy. When there are significant changes regarding your privacy, they will be communicated in legal terms to users/customers.                                                 


Information about Cookies and similar technology

To provide a better service and facilitate your navigation on the platform, understanding how you interact with us and, in certain cases, we may show you advertising based on your browsing habits.

On some occasions we collect information through temporary or session cookies. These cookies disappear when you close your internet browser. They are not stored on the user’s hard disk, they are only stored in the temporary memory that is deleted after closing the browser.

Temporary cookies are not associated with any type of personally identifiable information about you and determine how our website is used to allow us to improve it.

In any case, you can limit or restrict the admission of cookies through your browser options and consult our cookies policy.


Do you have any doubt?

If you have any doubts regarding the processing of your personal data or if you wish to exercise any of your rights, please do not hesitate and contact us:

Telephone: +351 249 897 020 (call to national fixed network)

Mobile: +351 965 300 750 (call to national mobile network)


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